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Get that GRIT!

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Book an Author/Illustrator Visit!

What you can expect:

-An introduction into the life of a working artist

-A reading of the book Get that GRIT!

-A breakdown of the writing and illustrating process

-A fun and inspirational discussion on the application of GRIT in our own lives!

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Booking  now for the  2022-23 School Year!

Skype Visit

1/2 hr.- $50

Use technology to bring Marissa into your classroom for a reading, interview, or discussion!

Classroom Visit

1/2 hr- $150

Treat your students to a face to face visit to read, discuss Grit or the writing process, or interview the author! May be subject to travel fees- adjusted for multiple classroom bookings.

Large Group Assembly

1 hr, or Two 1/2 hr assemblies- $300

Ignite excitement in your entire student body by bringing Marissa in for a whole school presentation! May be subject to  travel fees- adjusted for multiple area bookings.

For commissions, bookings, or to join the mailing list, send a message!

Lansing, MI, USA

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